Belo Horizonte, Brazil

September 2019 – Update on Brazil Work

September 4, 2019 - Miles Cotham

Brother Eddison Fowler continues to take therapy to improve with his hip that was injured in a fall in January. His wife Lajuana has made good recovery from her surgery in March. Recently a truck rammed his car and totaled it, so he is looking for a replacement for wheels. David Fowler and his son Judah recently arrived from the USA to visit his father for two weeks and see the progress in reaching out to other areas outside Belo Horizonte.

Each of four elders at the Central congregation in Belo have been going once a month to four targeted mission areas: Montes Claros, Sete Lagoas, Lavras, and Ipatinga. They are there to encourage and teach as they try to expand the number of congregations started from Central in the last several years. Monte Claros and Lavras would be numbers 19 and 20. Ipatinga was able to secure a building in which to meet on the ground floor-a real plus in that town for visibility.