India Mission

September 2019 – Update on India Work

September 4, 2019 - Miles Cotham

Bro. Vinay Kumar is doing well and very busy in the Lord’s kingdom in Telangana state(Hyderabad) and Andhra Pradesh state(Vijiwada). He has been appointed by the Govt. to help coordinate activities with the Christian Minority Corporation. It is not a separate paid job but a volunteer position where he can have more influence for the Lord as the church is spread. It is, I feel, God’s hand helping the Gospel in India where at times and in various places there is much opposition to Christianity. It may open many doors for which we are thankful.

His three TV programs continue to grow in viewership, and some have been baptized by him as a result, including four on Aug. 26th who will now attend the Kovur congregation in the Nellore area. Many have corresponded for courses to learn more about the Bible.

He has held workshops in Kovur, Nellore, Naidupet, and Visianagaram. Often Vinay travels in the week to preach, but recently his car broke down. His sponsor at Echo Hills in Goodlettsville has set aside this Sunday Sept. 8 to collect funds for a replacement. Old Hickory is helping on this as well from the treasury here.

Construction is underway for Vinay’s home congregation in Naidupeta(Nellore). In the meantime he has held several Gospel meetings in the Hyderabad area. His wife Suneetha and daughter Joy are doing well. He is most appreciative for OHCOFC and its help in a very fertile mission field. He has been invited to visit us next time he is in the USA.

Brothers Howard Watson and Alan Barrett (Mt. Juliet congregation) continue to coordinate the Snoddy fund work for Indian preachers.