Budapest, Hungary

September 2019 – Update on Hungary Work

September 4, 2019 - Miles Cotham

Brother Curry Montague and his wife Dora have enjoyed a visit from her parents in Budapest recently. It is their sincere desire both will become Christians one day. They will be attending the Friends and Family day at the church in Budapest on Oct. 6th which they have done for a number of years.

Europe experienced a heat wave in many places this year. It was over 100 F. in Hungary recently, and that is almost unheard of there. Rain has come to cool things down, and one brother named Csabas recently brought honey to share with all from his beehives.

An attendee named Balazs is studying Bible vocabulary with Curry. He grew up knowing little about God, and this may lead to his conversion. He even invited a new family to services.

The radio program is going well, and Curry receives help from his son Mark on this.