Intentional Transformation

Couples Focused: Bearing Burdens

October 1, 2019 - Mason Hale


As a minister and a counselor, bearing other people’s burdens has almost become a specialty of mine. Listening to people grieve, express frustrations, and seek guidance are common conversations that my Christian family needs of me, and I am willing to sacrifice my time and emotional capital to offer rest and understanding those who are searching for such help. Why do we care about listening to other people’s problems? Why do we expend our energy to comfort our friends? We do these things because we love these people. We love these people because we know what it is like to need love and need it desperately.

Marriages are no different. Your wife needs you to show her love with your attention. Husbands are actually no different in this area either. We crave each other’s attention. We married our spouse because of the attention that they gave to us and because of how much we desired to give them our attention. Receiving attention from someone you love is a wonderful and fulfilling blessing. This is especially true when you are in need of your spouse’s compassion. Galatians 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” The context of this passages centers around Christian brethren restoring each other after succumbing to temptations, but this principle is particularly beneficial in marriage.

You have been overwhelmed by a problem at work and have no one to talk to. When you come home you desperately need someone to understand your frustrations. You desperately need someone on your side. You desperately need a sounding board to organize your thoughts about your experience. You need your spouse. Bearing your spouse’s burdens is one way you can be a blessing to them. Show them love by listening to understand them. Reserve your judgement of the situation. Reserve your solution to the issues. Limit your interjections to short encouraging comments. Allow your spouse to be heard. Grant them blessing of having you on their side. Show them love. Bear their burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.


Mason Hale
Youth, Family Life, and Counseling Minister