Budapest, Hungary

Fall Campaign Report

October 25, 2019 - Miles Cotham

Report from Curry Montague

We have had a fantastic campaign in Hungary this year!!!
The Lord has richly blessed us.


Results from 2019 Budapest Fall Campaign

Friends and Family Day, Sunday October 6, 2019

  1. 53 total present
  2. 16 visitors, 7 of these first time visitors to Church of Christ! (Not including campaigners)
  3. People present from 5 different towns, besides Budapest.


Stats for Campaign:

  1. Dóra Montague’s mother Mária Kardos was baptized, October 14, 2019 (23 years of prayers and studies!)
  2. About 12,000 flyers passed out.
  3. In addition to Sunday mornings, we had15 nightly meetings.
  4. 21 visitors total. (Not including campaigners)
  5. 9 new visitors.
  6. 5 attended because they received a paper flyer on the square.
  7. 21 new contacts with follow up information from working on the square!
  8. We also, worked with 3 unfaithful members.
  9. On Saturday Oct. 12th we made a day trip to Dóra’s parents, Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary. (3.5 hours from Budapest.)
  10. On Oct. 16th we traveled to visit Brother Péter and Sister Klára in Szentendre, Hungary.
  11. 6 have stated that they will continue to study with us in the following months! (Károly, Veronika, Balázs, Bori, Béla and Laszló)
  12. Since the campaign has finished:

-  Laszló, who received a flyer, has called and wants to meet with Curry in December. This will be our first contact with him.

-  Éva has attended Sunday worship (10-19-19) in Budapest!

-  Veronika, Bori and Margó plan to attend services in the future!


This year we had a great campaign.  The results are very good compared to similar campaigns held in Budapest or other European cities! This is despite the fact that we were working during a Hungarian election period and we were a small group this year!

Many thanks to our campaigners:

Don Green, Danny McCain, Phanat Ouch, Chakriya (Iya) Ouch and Ryan Manning

We are now working on plans for our 2020 Fall campaign.  If you are interested, please let me know.

Many thanks for your love, prayers and support!  With your help we continue to take the Gospel to the lost of Hungary and beyond!  We could not continue without you!

In Christ,

Curry Montague

Balazs Kovacs, Danny McCain, Don Green, Chakriya Ouch, Phanat Ouch, Ryan Manning & Curry Montague

* Additional Update

Greetings from Budapest!

There are so many good things happening with our campaign here in Hungary, but let me share with you the most exciting thing! The whole campaign group went to visit Dora's parents for the day on Saturday. I traveled back to their house on Sunday night and Maria Kardos, Dora's mother was baptized into Christ on Monday morning!
It has been 24 years of prayer, and studies. Please continue to pray for her and for Janos (John), Dora's dad. They along with Dora's brother Robert are planning to be with us in the U.S. for Christmas!

Many thanks to you all for your prayers and support! We could not be here without you!!!

In Christ,


(Maria Kardos and Curry Montague)
Maria Kardos baptized in her home town of Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary. October 14, 2019