Papua New Guinea

New Mission Work Being Added at Old Hickory

Our elders have decided to add a brand new work to our monthly supported missions in the nation of Papua New Guinea. Fred and Sandy Burrows are sponsored by the Vallejo Church of Christ and live when in the States in Monterey, California. They have been working with the brethren of Papua New Guinea since 1984, and Fred is in his mid seventies. Joseph and Eileen (I am still trying to find their surname) are indigenous co-workers in Port Moresby, the capital. They carry out many tasks with the church there as fellow laborers with the Burrows.

Fred and Sandra Burrows

The map here is of the island of New Guinea. The eastern part is Papua New Guinea and is called by Geographers part of a combined designation called Australasia. It was once owned by Australia but is now an independent nation. The western part was once called Irian Jaya(now called confusingly Western Papua) and is part of the nation of Indonesia-a nation of Asia. With the addition of this work, Old Hickory now helps monthly on all continents of the world excluding the uninhabited Antarctica.

We ask your prayers for this work, and, like all our works in Brazil, Hungary, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Michigan, East Tennessee, and Inner City Ministry in Nashville, we wish God’s richest blessings on them as they advance the Lord’s Kingdom.

TTM Newsletter Sept 2019

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