Sneedville, Tennessee – USA

Our Mission Supported Work in Sneedville, TN

It was the winter of 2019 when Nathan Miller, Carl Johnson, and Miles Cotham went to visit with Robert Lupo and his wife Delores in Sneedville in the northeast sector of Tennessee snuggled against the Virginia state line not far from Cumberland Gap. The work originally came to our attention in the summer of 2017 when a group of students from Friendship Christian School in Lebanon, Tn. held a city-wide VBS in the high school gym in Sneedville. Some Old Hickory contacts were also made aware and took part. This led to an open door for future work.

Few counties are faced with the illiteracy and poverty rate of Hancock County, but conversely, this has provided for many personal Bible studies and opportunities for benevolence. Clean water is something many take for granted, but it has at times been a challenge for many residents of this area.

Although the congregation currently has no elders, it is expected that in the future good growth will take place and elders will one day be appointed when qualified. Robert Lupo is a native of Lake Worth, Florida. The elders at Old Hickory see Sneedville as an area worthy of our efforts in our own back yard.

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