Freed-Hardeman University’s annual lectureship in February is recorded and uploaded to iTunes for free audio downloads. These lessons are Scripturally-structured and reach Christians of all ages. There is much to explore here. So, find your interest, and may your personal ministry be blessed.

This website is an online Bible where dozens of versions and translations can be explored with the click of a button.

The Blue Letter Bible website allows a Bible student to search several of the most popular Bible translations as well as utilize a digit lexicon that shows the original language and explains definitions of the original text using STRONGS Concordance. A cross-reference tool, dictionaries, and commentaries are available here for additional study.

Polishing the Pulpit is an annual lectureship designed for any age group and varying levels of Biblical knowledge. As a member of the Old Hickory Church of Christ, we have access to the entire database of lessons. Explore and be equipped for God’s service.

Apologetics Press is a reliable resource when looking for material to defend your faith, the authenticity of Scripture, the existence of God, and more. You will find scholarly articles, practical material, and some of the highest quality Bible class curriculum for 4th grade and younger for free.

Start2Finish is a brotherhood-based publishing company. The books you find in this virtual store will strengthen your knowledge in Scripture as well as prepare you as a Bible class teacher. Here you will find intellectually stimulating blogs that explore various aspects of Christian living and Christian history.

Kaio Publications has a great resource for families with younger children. Their Family Devotionals are top-quality devotionals that use Scripture truthfully and utilize object lessons that make learning the Bible unforgettable.

Gospel Advocate is a brotherhood-based publishing company. Bible class material is available here for any age group. The majority of authors from the churches of Christ have their books sold here.

21st Century Christian is a brotherhood-based publishing company. They sell a unique curriculum designed for the children's classes within the Bible school. Many brotherhood publications can be found in their stock.

Have you ever wondered what preachers think about when they aren’t preaching? Here is a vlog where ministers from various churches of Christ around the nation are interviewed in a fun casual environment. Various topics are explored, and you’ll even come away with a bit wisdom. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy Ministers & Mocha.

Dr. Matthew Morine is a preacher in Castle Rock, Colorado. Here, he authors a blog that explores various topics in Scripture and in Christian living. He is the author of “A Mountain Moving Faith” for young people and “Natural Evangelism” which is an evangelistic lifestyle that is livable for everyone. If you’re looking to spend some more time thinking about godly things, take a gander at Matthew’s blog.

For some insight on how a church should function, how elders shepherd their church, and other Scripturally based articles to guide your mind back to God’s will, check out Jerri Barber’s website: New Shepherds Orientation and Seasoned Shepherds Revitalization.

World Video Bible School has been privileged to serve Christians since 1986 by making teaching materials for the church’s use worldwide. Their goal is to serve God and His people by doing His will. They produce excellent quality, scripturally sound, inexpensively priced Bible study material through video, audio and the written page.

If you're looking for a way to study the Bible to have a broader comprehensive knowledge of Scripture, then this resource is for you. Every book of the Bible is covered in this free, self-paced, online learning environment.