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June 12, 2019

All Inclusive, All Expenses Paid: The Ultimate Gift

Some Stories are Too Good to Be True

Have you ever watched a Disney movie?  Not a Marvel Disney movie or a Star Wars Disney Movie, but a princess Disney movie.  One of those "Happily Ever After" ones.  The fairytale story of a peasant girl that meets a prince and lives "Happily Ever After."  Remember those stories?

There are stories in the Gospel of Luke that seem too good to be true.  A poor, blind beggar sees — a panhandler outside of a rich man's house upgrades to Abraham's Bosom.  Throughout Luke, the theme of reversal is throughout the inspired text.  Bartimaeus leaves the presence of Jesus rejoicing, and the Rich Young Ruler leaves Jesus with a face full of sadness.

The Gospel of Luke has one story that seems to top all of them.  He is mostly unlike character to be rewarded.  He meets Jesus in the most unlikely place too.  But with Jesus, the impossible becomes possible.  This man does more than leaving the presence of the Lord rejoicing, and he will be rejoicing for the rest of his life.  Come Wednesday, June 12th, to hear about this most unlikely story.  He receives an all-inclusive and all expenses trip to be with Jesus.  You can have that trip too.

- Matthew Morine