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July 10, 2019

Special Group Rates: The More The Merrier

I have a grandson who suffers with a mild form of autism.  This has caused him to have relationship problems in the past.  I especially remember the year that he invited all of his class to come to his birthday party.  The place was rented, the party favors were bought, the day came, and no one showed up.  It was devastating to him.  It’s not a party unless people share in it.

You and I have been invited to the greatest party ever planned.  AND we’ve been instructed to invite everyone we meet to come with us!  There’s no limit to the number of guests and there will be joy and plenty for all.  Will you go?  Are you inviting others to go with you?  The host is prepared.  The feast is ready.  Will you be there?

- Bill Watkins