The 10:10 Life

Living Abundantly

Old Hickory is devoted to helping you improve in every part of your life. We call this The 10:10 Life. 10:10 is not a slogan. It is a citation and an aspiration.In John 10:10, Jesus announced, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” We aim to make our assemblies, classes, fellowship, and service activities optimal times for spiritual growth. We want to provide a positive, supportive environment for your progress in the once-delivered faith. We correct without being quick to condemn. We hope to delight members but refuse to pamper them when change is needed. We are sound but not always traditional. We provide structure and stability for growth without stagnation or self-satisfaction. 

Living Biblically

The shepherds and staff of the Old Hickory Church of Christ are committed to helping you grow by unleashing your God-given potential (1 Peter 4.10). To experience a spiritual breakthrough, we believe you must go back to the Bible as the foundation for all meaningful growth (Matthew 7.24). This is what makes us unique in the best possible way. We hope this commitment comforts and thrills your heart. Growth is inseparable from grounding in God’s Word. When you combine sound teaching with constant encouragement, amazing things happen (1 Thessalonians 5.11).