COVID – 19

Effective Sunday July 4, 2021 – Masks will become optional.

“Old Hickory is a safe place to call home.” Noah and Caleb model OHCOC best practices! Masks are required. Greeters open exterior doors for you. Auditorium doors are propped (no touching). Ionization cleaning of auditorium before assemblies (no one is allowed in the auditorium between service times). Individual communion packets are available in plastic baggies distributed by gloved attendants. Contributions are made online or deposited in baskets at greeter stands. Seating in the pews is spaced and straddled for social distancing. Bulletins are emailed and posted online. Members are dismissed by sections to limit cross contact and bunching. Visiting occurs outdoors under the shade of the large canopy. We offer our services online, but if you are ready to return for live onsite worship, Old Hickory is a great place to call home! 9 a.m. Sunday 7 p.m. Wednesday.
Noah and Caleb

Member Testimonial

“We are grateful for all of the advance planning and ongoing measures put in place by our Elders, Ministers and others that enable us to have the option of worshiping at the building. We are appreciative that all who come are so willing to cooperate with masks etc.. Each time we’ve attended we’ve felt completely welcome and “safe”. We are also thankful that the services continue to be live-streamed and recorded so we can still participate when out of town. We agree that, after 32 years of membership with this congregation AND even with the “adjustments”, we are blessed that Old Hickory Church is absolutely a great and safe place to call “home”. ?” – Sharon Powell

Steve and Sharon