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Letting Our Light Shine

By Don Loftis | 02.25.15

There are numerous occasions in the Bible where people hid for safety.  Moses’ parents hid him from Pharaoh’s servants for as long as possible, so he would not be put to death.  Rahab hid the Israelite spies in Jericho, and young David spent a great deal of time in caves hiding from king Saul.  Peter even “disappears” for a short time after being miraculously freed from prison. There are other times when hiding is clearly not endorsed.  Adam and Eve were hiding from God in the garden because of their guilt.  During the process of selecting a king, Samuel and his representatives found Saul hiding in the “baggage”.  He does not appear to be campaigning for the job.  Later, Jonah tried to hide from God’s prophetic call by taking a boat to Tarshish. Early in [...]

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Life Holds Surprises

By Don Loftis | 02.18.15

As most of you know, I really like snow (though a move to Boston is not in my plans).  This past Sunday night I went to bed expecting to awaken to a very significant “snow event.”  My last visit was still predicting up to ten inches.  What a surprise to have an inch of sleet and freezing rain topped by 1/8 of an inch of snow. Sometimes life’s events pose pleasant surprises.  We receive an unexpected rebate check or have our cholesterol numbers unexpectedly drop back into the normal range.  We get a call from a college friend who seemingly had disappeared for two decades. At other times the surprises startle, disappoint or crush us.  Who hasn’t gotten a late night call about a critical illness a loved one was facing?  We may be [...]

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