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Let Your Light Shine

By Don Loftis | 08.02.17

If you ever toured Mammoth Cave, you likely recall reaching the largest “room” and having them turn out all the lights.  The darkness was amazing.  You literally could not see your hand in front of your face.  After everyone’s eyes had adjusted to the dark, the guide would light a match.  Amidst the cavernous darkness, the amount of light generated by a match or a candle was incredible.   Light appears its brightest in darkness.  The same is true for Christians who have been called to be the light of the world.  That radiance is beautiful on Sundays during the assembly or the Bible class, but it is even more beautiful shining in the darkness of the world.   I suppose this is the reason we are called to love our enemies, as well as [...]

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The Value Of Self-Control

By Don Loftis | 07.26.17

David Swagner recently wrote about a 14th Century duke named Raynald III, but was commonly called by his nickname Crassus, which meant “fat.”  In a family dispute Raynald’s brother, Edward,  revolted and imprisoned his overweight brother.   Rather than putting him in a cell or dungeon, he built a room around him that had windows and a slightly undersized door.  Raynald was told that as soon as he lost enough weight to fit through the door or window, he was free to leave.  However, Raynald never could control his eating habits and spent his life as a prisoner–truly a prisoner of his own appetite.   Our lives are often destroyed by our lack of self control as well.  Our anger may damage or destroy a relationship.  A poor diet may result in obesity or diabetes.  Poor [...]

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