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We Ought Not Be Surprised

By Don Loftis | 06.29.16

How should a preacher evaluate his sermon?  More importantly, how should he evaluate his preaching ministry?  Hershael York, professor of preaching at a Louisville seminary has published a guideline to address those questions.  One of his tools is this question: Does the sermon divide the audience?   Solid preaching leads to some amens and some criticisms.  When “toes are stepped on,” the heart will determine how fast they heal.   Hopefully negative reactions do not come from a speaker’s insensitivity or arrogance or caustic judgments.  However, the truth spoken in love will result in some enemies.  Jesus warned His disciples in Luke 6:26, “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets the same way.”   I believe this principle is true in the arena of [...]

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Rules Really Do Matter

By Don Loftis | 06.22.16

Anyone who knows me very well, knows that I am not a fisherman.  The last time I dropped a hook in the water Dwight Eisenhower was finishing his second term as president.  However, a recent fishing story caught my attention.   About a year ago, Anthony Stacy claimed to have caught a Missouri record 83 pound flathead catfish.  His picture along with this massive fish was widely circulated.  After a lengthy investigation by the Missouri Department of Conservation, Stacy admitted that he had used bowfishing equipment instead of a limbline.  Bowfishing for catfish is illegal in Missouri (and many other states).  He not only lost credit for the record, but he was fined $500 for breaking the law.   We recognize the need for rules in sports, laws for highway use, and guidelines for fishing.  [...]

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