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Love Does Not Come Cheap

By Don Loftis | 07.01.15

If we go shopping, we can find a few inexpensive items such as bubble gum, note cards, or a newspaper.  Other items like diamonds and new cars are more expensive.  It is hard to put a price tag on love, but we know it falls more in the expensive category than the cheap one. A man was at a Hallmark store searching for a card for his wife’s birthday.  One beautiful card had a verse that he felt described his wife well.  It read, “My love for you knows no bounds.  I would climb any mountain, pay any price, make any sacrifice to show you the extent of my love.”  The man took the card to the sales clerk and said, “I love the message on this card, do you have anything cheaper?” Love for [...]

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How Much Are You Worth?

By Don Loftis | 06.24.15

HOW MUCH ARE YOU WORTH?   A few years ago, Anne Marie Helmenstine was asked what was the actual value of a human body.  Utilizing her chemistry background (PhD), she listed the elements in the body and researched their 2011 market values.  She concluded that the average human was worth about a dollar, and if you could tan the skin (hide), you could raise that total to $4.50 or $5.00. Recently, James Farris (Rivergate’s preacher) cited a new study which places the value of a human at 43 million dollars.  The difference is not inflation, but lies in things Anne Marie never thought to consider.  Bone marrow, DNA, antibodies, reproductive components, and organs are in great demand and therefore quite expensive. However, there are aspects of our humanity that can’t be price tagged.  How do [...]

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