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Two Types of Pharisees

By Mark Adams | 04.16.14

Jesus regularly dealt with Pharisees of two different schools of thought: Shammai and Hillel. These two opposing schools would argue about all sorts of matters, which is apparent from the kinds of questions they brought to Jesus. The school of Shammai was rigidly legalistic. They would bicker incessantly about the meanings of words, and would apply things so comprehensively that they would even tithe from their food condiments (Mt. 23:23). They read scripture as a rule book, and all righteousness hinged around being better rule-keepers than everyone else. The school of Hillel was generally loose in their approach to Scripture. They would allow a man to divorce his wife over something as small as burnt toast, and allowed a high degree of subjectivity in applying the law of Moses. One of the only things Hillelites [...]

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Cutting Down The Nets

By Don Loftis | 04.09.14

The men and women have both completed their NCAA basketball tourneys for this year.  It is exciting to watch the winners celebrate by cutting down the nets.  All of their hard work paid off with a national championship.  However, along the way dozens of other teams lost their last game.  Some sat in stunned silence, while others openly wept.  For them there was no thrill of victory only the agony of defeat. The Christian’s victory in Christ certainly shares some similarities with the basketball national champions.   It is the attainment of a goal and fulfillment of a stated dream.  It offers significant recognition by those around us, and it is the occasion of great celebration. However, there is one tremendous difference.  Ultimately, only one team could win in the tourney.  Paul recognized that only one [...]

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Our Lease Agreement

Don Loftis | 04.13.14

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