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An Intergenerational Church

By Don Loftis | 12.10.14

The brief glimpses into the church of the New Testament reveals congregations that were made of various age groups.  Cornelius and the jailor both had households that were converted to Christ.  The older men were to teach the younger men and likewise the older women instructed the younger women.  Following that model, Paul mentored the younger Timothy to follow Christ and to proclaim the Gospel. The local congregation draws on this diversity.  We celebrate the tenderness and honesty of our youngsters and capitalize on the creativity of our teenagers.  There is the energy of the young adults, the expertise of middle aged professionals, and the wisdom of the elderly. The local church is designed to be an extended family where every member can serve and be served; where every member is valued and his talents [...]

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What Excites You?

By Don Loftis | 12.03.14

Throughout the Christmas shopping season, marketers will attempt to impress us with their products.  They may appeal to our pride, our curiosity, or our taste buds, but they all want us to get excited about their product.  Packaging, promotion, and pricing will all be designed to create enough excitement to result in a purchase. Most of us have sports teams that we like.  We get excited when they are on television; we get excited when they win.  If we have an opportunity to see them play in person or secure an autograph from one of the players, all the better.  We scream during the game, clap if we win, and gripe the next day if we lose. If it isn’t a “toy” or a “team,” what does excite you?  Maybe it’s a visit with a [...]

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