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Do You Know Where You Are Going?

By Don Loftis | 01.31.18

Dwight Morrow was a financier who later in life became a politician and a diplomat.  One day he was waiting for a train in Grand Central Station, when an acquaintance noticed that he was repeatedly searching for something in his pocket.  Since he was famous for his absentmindedness, his friend asked if he had lost his ticket.  Morrow replied, “It’s worse than that.  I have forgotten where I am going.”   It seems to me that many folks have forgotten where they are going.  They have forgotten their most important appointment.  While our journeys may be different in many ways, they will all end before the presence of the Lord.  The apostle Paul wrote, “For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of God. … So then each one of us will give an [...]

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When The Darkness Comes

By Don Loftis | 01.24.18

Mark’s account of the crucifixion reveals that for three hours, starting at noon, the sun was obscured and darkness prevailed.  Some have seen it symbolic of the power of darkness represented in the sin of humanity borne by Jesus.  He certainly felt the absence of the Father during those three hours, as He quoted the words of Psalm 22:1, “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken Me?”   Sometimes, we feel the same way, as the burdens of our lives are not lifted. It seems that the only response to our prayers and tears is divine silence.  Does God hear?  Does God care about our darkness?   The story is told of a missionary working deep in the bush country of a third world country.  His four year old son developed a tumor on [...]

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Acting Like Jesus

By Don Loftis | 01.17.18

A man moved into a small town and noticed an elderly woman walking by the railroad tracks each morning.  He saw her pick objects up and place them in a large bag that she carried.  One day he asked the grocer what she was doing, and was told that she was picking up coal that fell out of the coal cars as they bounced along the track.  He was a new resident but boldly told the grocer that there was no such morning train.  The grocer’s reply revealed a true story of love: “I know.  The coal train stopped five years ago, but Mr. Simpson down at the hardware store knew she needed the coal, and that she would be too proud to ask for help.  So, every morning he takes a bag of coal [...]

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Honor To Whom Honor

By Don Loftis | 01.10.18

This past Sunday, due to health concerns, Jim Oliver stepped down from serving as an elder.  As Carl Johnson read Jim’s letter, which is reprinted inside this bulletin, he referenced Paul’s word in I Timothy 5:17 which were so fitting: “The elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor.”   For nearly three decades Jim has faithfully served the Lord as he helped shepherd this congregation.  His deep love was evident in the classes he taught, the leadership he provided, and the service he offered.  Jim and Bitsy love the church here in Old Hickory, and in turn, the church here loves them.   Through the past 98 years, thirty different men have served the Old Hickory church as elders.  Each of them have used their talents to serve and their [...]

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People Watching

By Don Loftis | 01.03.18

Sitting in a coffee shop in Helen, Georgia, I spent part of my Saturday afternoon watching people walk down the sidewalks of this transplanted Bavarian village.  There were families, couples and singles.  Some came in to get something warm to drink; others just walked on by.  Two thoughts passed through my mind.   First, I realized that each of those people, (likely all tourists) had their own unique stories.  Some were celebrating; others were mourning.  Some were experiencing job issues or family problems.  For some 2017 had been a banner year; for others it had been a nightmare.  Every person possessed fears, secrets, dreams, and disappointments.  They were a microcosm of us all.   Secondly, I soberly acknowledged that each of these folks had an eternal soul.  Some, I suppose, were Christians.  Others might be [...]

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